Love Confessions

Senior Love

I chose Katya because I've never seen such unique photographs and I knew i had to have her capture my senior photos... It was truly all about me and she didn't let me forget that. She allowed me to be myself and also incorporate some ideas I had... We shared many laughs together and in the end I received some very beautiful, one of a kind pictures that i could never receive from someone else.

Cassie Coons

Family Love

Our family's experience with Katya Melvin Photography was truly exceptional from start to finish. When I saw Katya's pictures and story, I really wanted her to be our only photographer. She went above and beyond at every turn and I would use her again in a heartbeat! When I stressed about what to wear, she said to send her pictures and she helped me coordinate outfits for my whole family easily. She took the time to get to know us before we even arrived in the Outer Banks by asking questions and emailing. So by the time our arrived, it was already as if she was a friend! She also called and texted me once we were there to make sure everything was going smoothly in our trip and that we were ready for our shoot. The photo shoot itself was just so much fun ! Finally, another reason I would recommend Katya Melvin Photography would be that her support didn't end with the photo shoot. She even made revealing our pictures fun with a "reveal party" . Katya really cares, she doesn't just take pictures.

Couples Love

From my first contact with Katya - I could tell we absolutely clicked. She is was so sweet and personable and I felt like I had known her for years. I became so excited to meet her and have our photos taken. Beforehand Katya wanted to learn all she could and about our special love so that she could capture it in our photos. She made me very comfortable to tell her everything I could and it also made us comfortable on the day of our photo shoot. She was so professional and quickly captured the love that my fiancé and I share with natural poses. Her style was awesome. I was so excited to see our photos. She had them ready way before her predicted time frame. When our photos were revealed we could not stop looking at them over and over (and still can't) in awe of how awesome they are.

Family Love

When I started my search for a photographer in OBX I was immediately attracted to Katya's creativity. I was looking for someone who could capture a large family portrait that was unique, but that reflected our true personalities. After all, it was a gift for my mother-in-law...something she would cherish for years to come. Katya exceed our expectations! She was detailed in the planning phase by asking lots of questions about our family and what we wanted from the session. She was able to recommend a beautiful location and met us there right on time! The images she captured are exactly what we were looking for. We'd recommend Katya to anyone looking for a high quality photographer! Her photographs are original, candid, and special. Thank you!

Wedding Love

I loved working with Katya! She was amazing not only in the work she did for me, the pictures I mean, but she was amazing at keeping in touch. I reached out to her probably 20 times and not once did I get a bad response! She's very good at getting to know her clients and takes the time that you deserve to have. She is artistic and is very good at capturing the candid shots, which are some of my favorites. She listens to everything you want and makes sure you are 110 percent satisfied with her work. She is a wonderful photographer and a wonderful person! I would recommend her to any and all of my friends.

Wedding Love

Katya took wonderful, beautiful pictures of our special day and we will always have memories to look back on for years to come. If you are looking for a photographer to capture memories that will last a lifetime, then call Katya Melvin Photography, I promise you will love her caring and professionalism and the great gift that God has given her in her profession. Thank you Katya for everything and for the awesome experience in working with you! Love always, Chuck and Teresa Kessler


Wedding Love

Katya was an angel of a human being who brought real enthusiasm to our wedding on the beaches of Corolla. She had all the poses and included each member of the wedding party. When choosing a photographer, I looked at all of the photographers websites and yes many of them could take a picture, but Katya's photos looked magical and different somehow. I was absolutely delighted I chose her. Her customer service is OUTSTANDING. She was very responsive and joyous. She saw my husband and I through every part of the wedding from texts before hand to phone calls after. She kept in email contact during the photo processing progress and then sent a lovely package with the photos. I cannot recommend Katya enough. Please check out her website to see what I'm talking about!

Family Love

Dear Katya,

We love all the pictures !!! They are just wonderful. We love them all.Thank you for sharing even more pictures with us. I can' wait to frame them.Our girls say that you are the best photographerIn America! We also think so.Thank you again for your great job.

Wedding Love

Don't even bother looking any further. Katya is patient (so very patient), sweet, kind, and funny...and you will come away with gorgeous photographs of your special occasion. 

Wedding Love

I picked you because your photographs are more artistic than what I typically see. And I loved how you notice little things and you put them together very well. You do a great job and it's beautiful.


You are just great. Everyone loved you. You got everything in. You are very detail oriented. You did not miss any part of the process of the wedding of the after party. You nailed it. I really liked how you are a people person.


You interacted with us, even though this was the first time I ever met you. I felt like I was very comfortable with you.  You treated us awesome and gave us our space. Let us be us and you just captured those perfect moments.

Wedding Love

Michael and I are adore the job that you did.  Our wedding photos are gorgeous, they are candid, they are just beautiful. Composition of them is very artistic, really just what we wanted. Thank you so much.What was really nice you did take a few pictures  that we asked for, you called my family members up and we have nice portraits, but the majority of your work was done very  organically. You took a lot of candids.  Even when you were taking pictures of myself and a groom it was very easy. You gave directions,  but you weren't authoritarian in terms of  pose - this way and that way. It was kind of nice, you gave us time to do something very natural and you were clicking when you saw something. I thought that was very nice. It was easy to work with you.  It felt very natural and the pictures look like that. They look very honest, they don't look phony and posed and that's really what we wanted.

We have a couple of pictures  I remember you told Michael  to say something sweet in my ear. He said to me  sweet nothing. It was so goofy.  And the pictures are so great It makes me giggle looking at it. You gave us direction in an easy way and you really got US instead of what somebody else wants us to look like

You are very comfortable and responsible. Anyone can get along with you and work well with you. I have absolutely  nothing  but positive experience. You were so easy going, you got there on time while  there was a lot of traffic. It was Saturday in Corolla. I cannot imagine anyone not working well with you. You were absolutely wonderful. I really appreciate it.  Your work is absolutely amazing.