Modern Glamour. What is it? Glamour Photographer in Norfolk VA

I have had a lot of women come up to me and ask what Modern Glamour was? An idea of a glamour comes to us from the eighties and now carries a somewhat a negative taste from that period. We used to see big hair, selective coloring effect (when only one color pops in the image and rest is black and white), white vignetting , and looking into the Lalaland kind of an image. I am blessed to have missed this whole era altogether, however  many women I talk to on a regular basis still remember those times. Some have asked me to stop using the word Glamour.

Let's get clear on what the Modern Glamour really means to the new generation of glamour photographers. In fact the movement is now on the rise and I am excited to see what it will bring into our industry.

Contemporary glamour or Modern glamour is a style of photography where women are photographed in a style and fashion like a magazine would. The session includes makeup and hair done professionally as  well as clothing choices are evening wear women would not wear on a regular basis.

Every woman deserves a gorgeous portrait of herself to pass on to her kids.

Here are a few images from a session with Yulia.


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