Katya Melvin Manifesto


When I wake up in the morning I look outside my window and see a row of  plush green trees and playful sun rays  glittering through the branches. I am so grateful  for this morning and this day and the fact that I am here right now and that today is going to be the most amazing day of my life.  Shining with happiness I slip into my killer stilettos (or maybe some comfortable flats, hahaha) and run red lipstick over my lips and think which perfume goes with my mood today.

Wait, rewind... That was back when I did not have kids.  I really miss this time and especially I miss my killer stilettos. I am a mother now and I am a business owner, and I am on the run. I better have 5 pairs of those flats at my disposal.  Well, that does not mean I cannot indulge once in a while. I still love my freedom, when I can do whatever I want and whenever I want (oh those rare opportunities !!!).  I still love cuddling under my blanket reading a steamy novel.

I dream big. Always.  In my dreams, I take my passport with me in the morning, just so I can catch a plane to Italy in the afternoon. Travelling is my passion, I want to explore the world and absorb new cultures like a  sponge. I want to get inspired. I find my inspiration in so many things - morning coffee or  quiet meditation, sophisticated fashion magazine, intricate movie plots, or simply seeing  a  sparkle in someones eyes makes my heart sing and inspires me to  create.


I smile thinking how lucky I am to be alive.  I have gone far from a shy little girl raised in Russia to a  a strong and powerful woman, who is in charge of her own life and decisions that make a difference. See, back in Russia I had no way of knowing or even daring to imagine that one day I would be living here in the United States and I am so in love with this country!

Dreams do come true, all you need is to dream big.  I believe in law of attraction and that our thoughts  in fact materialize. And that is why I am happy, because I believe there is enough of happiness and abundance for everybody. There is nothing more exciting  in this world than seeing  my dreams come to life and  my vision  turn into works of art.

My son  makes me laugh to the  oblivion and at the same time  drives me crazy  with his misbehavior ( keeping it real, girls), but I love him to the moon and back. I stare at him in owe, not quite sure how is that he is becoming one little human being with a mind of his own.

At the end of the day, when I escape  busy world hiding in my own solitude, taking candle baths and listening to a slow music, indulging in chocolate or champagne, I keep dreaming. We woman always taking care of our families, kids, friends. Its time to  give ourselves some much needed love. We  deserve the good life and happiness.  We deserve rose petals at our feet and diamond rings on our fingers. We are Goddesses  and we are here to inspire men, create more butterflies in their stomachs  and  make the rest of the world a better place. Its our time to be fabulous!

Despite how much I love fashion,  jewelry, shoes and rose petals, at the end of the day snuggling  comfort of  strong loving hands of my one and only man, who loves and respects me for who I am, puts up with my crazies and adores  my  small freckles   is  all what really matters.

Photography to me is a way to preserve a moment forever.  I capture beauty, innocence, laughter and happy tears.  I capture wild and  happy  of  high school senior years.  I capture raw emotions and pure love of the wedding day. I capture confidence and sensuality of women while helping them embrace who they are in boudoir sessions. I help women feel empowered and beautiful in glamour sessions.   My clients have a great deal of respect and admiration for my works. I do not mass produce photos just to be thrown in the drawer to be forgotten. I produce works of art worthy of being displayed with pride.

My photography style is  authentic, raw with elements of play. I capture  lots of candid raw moments. While I love using props and concepts, what really matters is you.   I connect with you. I look into your eyes and I know who you are and what portraits will be a pure reflection of true you. Clothes, accessories and locations play  a distinctive  part on the outside, but it is  about what is deep in your eyes, reflection of your soul that is my primary focus. The entire experience is very personal. It is tailored to you. When you are in my studio, you are  my queen and we will treat you the way you deserve. Its your time to shine, little star.  Striving for perfection is a must.